Why I asked for a Quantum Vision System refund

Quantum Vision system hoaxI am a 58 year old science blogger who used to be a physicist and has been myopic (nearsighted) since I was about 10 years old. I have heard about the claim of eye exercises to improve vision for many years and have always thought that it was possible such a system might result in some improvement . An acquaintance told me about the Quantum Vision System, so I was willing to spend a little money on what I thought might be a solution to my eye getting older.




Well, it didn’t go so well, work, etc… Here’s what found out after a little additional digging. Thanks to healthylivingsummit.com as they have a good article detailing the Quantum Vision System hoax.

  • Who Is Doctor Kemp? I went to a slick video featuring a striking man who was supposed to be Dr. William Kemp, an Optometrist from Lexington, Va. (although at least one press release refers to a Dr. John Kemp). A quick internet search reveals that Dr. William Kemp is a neurologist from Ohio, and Dr John Kemp is an Optometrist from Kelowna, B.C. who prescribes contacts and glasses. The guy in the video (who must be a member of the Illuminati, judging by the symbol at the beginning of the video) gives a very polished, inspiring presentation that makes a lot of promises while saying absolutely nothing. The video seems to be about a Quantum Vision system fraud.
  • Somebody Can’t Spell Amateur. One of the astounding things in the video is the assertion that LASIK procedures are performed by “amertures”. Yes, “amertures”, which I assume is meant to refer to amateurs. Considering that LASIK surgery is performed by board certified Ophthalmologists, the claim is very difficult to justify. It seems that this slick Quantum Vision System fraud has its own amateur character.
  • There’s Nothing Quantum About It. In the middle of all the hoopla about Dr. Kemp you may find the fact that the system was actually developed circa 1891 by William H Bates, M.D. and uses a set of eye exercises. This has nothing to do with Quantum mechanics, or anything else quantum in nature. One of the “press releases” that credits the program to Dr. John Kemp says that the system comes with a bonus report on “quantum memory”, which must be of great interest to DARPA . A quantum memory system that does not require advanced cryogenics would be of great use.
  • It Just Doesn’t Work! Before I ordered it, I found that the advertised price of $37 quickly becomes $27 when you try to leave the site, so be sure you don’t pay the full price. Better yet, just look around on the internet and find one of the free offers for the same system under a different name. That (free) is an appropriate price for this Quantum Vision system fraud since you will probably find that it does not work, or only produces marginal results. Remember the words of President and Chief Justice William Howard Taft “If it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it’s a duck.” There is always the chance of a miracle.